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The History of our Mortgage Lending Company in South Florida:

Home Financial Group was established on July 11th 2002. With the rapid housing market growing every year, HFG was dedicated to help as many people as it could to purchase or refinance their home. Times were good, we opened up an Orlando office and expanded our operations in South Florida. Then the Real Estate bubble burst. Thank to our strong connections with South Florida realtors and client referrals, earned though hard professional, honest and ethical work we were able to survive the dark years of 2008 and 2009. Where 80% of all Mortgage institutions were consolidated or forced to close their doors.

Foreign National Mortgage Loans

Downfalls can be viewed as opportunities. HFG began focusing more on niche clients, such as; FHA and Fannie Mae eligible clients and Foreign Nationals looking to invest in Florida real estate, but needed portfolio type of financing. We established ourselves as the premier Mortgage Professionals helping Foreign Nationals invest in the real estate market. In 2010 we saw an increase in local buyers re-entering the housing market, new laws were passed to protect the consumer as well as the lender-which made it harder to finance-but with a piece of mind that what happened in 2008 was not likely to be repeated. HFG saw an opportunity in the growing real estate market and transitioned from a Brokerage Business to a Licensed Mortgage Lender in 2012. Becoming a Lender opened up new opportunities for us to further assist our clients. We offer clients the best rates and loan terms available in the market and have a dedicated local team in South Florida with the expertise and market knowledge to guide our clients through the home buying Journey; in person, via phone or video.

The Reason We Are Considered To Be The Best Mortgage Lenders in South Florida

HFG uses a unique approach; we make you feel like family but we are also very professional in what we do, we have a “hands on” personable approach and use technology to make the process more efficient. “Sucipere et Finire” ( Latin) is our motto, which means, “to undertake and to conclude”. We pride ourselves in not only providing the best customer service, to not only our clients but our Realtors, Insurance, Title Company and other valued partners we work with. The future looks bright for HFG, we have been industry leaders for 15 years, have survived the brutal 2008 crash and are looking onward towards the future. By joining the HFG family and working with us we promise to always be available – we pride ourselves in communication-, have our clients’ and partners’ best interest in mind and most of all to “undertake and to finish”.

Core values


Transparency is the best policy. We always put our clients needs first, no matter what. This leads to life long trust between our clients and partners. We make sure our clients know all of their options every step of the way.


To undertake and to conclude, we are committed to every client and partner, no matter their financial circumstance. We take a personal approach to each client who comes for our help.


We have been providing outstanding service to our clients and partners for over 15 years.This means keeping an open communication flow between all parties involved, during every step of the home financing process.

We review and accept business requests on a 24/7 basis.

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Tips for Home Buyers

We understand all the ups and downs of the home buying process. That means that we will supply you with as many tips on mortgages as possible!