Liselotte Trujillo

Liselotte (Lisa) Trujillo

Liselotte (Lisa) Trujillo

Senior Loan Orginator

Liselotte (Lisa) Trujillo is a Senior Loan Originator at Home Financial Group LLC.


American-Venezuelan national, Liselotte “Lisa” Trujillo accumulated a vast experience working with developers and builders in Venezuela before she relocated herself in South Florida back in 2002. Since then she has been continuously working as Mortgage Loan Originator -15 years, so far- reaching the rank of Senior in Home Financial Group, for the past five years. Here are some of the most remarkable highlights of her profile.


Her standards include providing highly qualified professional assistance at a personalized level to borrowers in every phase of their processes of securing Mortgage Loans. Both first time home buyers and property owners receive customized guidance towards the satisfaction of all their goals, preferences and needs, always focusing in the best possible deal, either to purchase or refinance residential or commercial properties. Even those who are not eligible to get a loan at a given time would receive proper advice in order to prepare themselves and build their financial profile to be able to qualify for their loan later, within a short period of time.


She works in close collaboration with Realtors, securing full financial pre-approvals for their clients in advance, even before they start showing properties. As a result, Liselotte has an outstanding record of practically zero transactions failed due to financial denials once they got into a binding contract, with no jeopardy upon their transactions and their deposits.


At all times Liselotte “Lisa” Trujillo keeps herself updated on the most recent Loan Programs in the Mortgage market, so she’s in position to provide her clients the widest variety of options to choose from and thus select the most convenient type of loan and conditions, as per their particular financial profile.



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